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Wanted: Educators with a personalized approach to help each child achieve success

Can a group of committed educators change the way schools work?

At Barnstable Academy, we think so. It’s not a new challenge, just a new solution.

Private school teaching jobs

We are seeking positive, confident, entrepreneurial, and energetic self-starters to work with our students. Our private school teaching jobs require teachers who are leaders in their subject area, can connect with students on an individual basis, and can help each student reach his or her fullest potential.

Our staff members are committed to respectful partnerships with students, parents, and the rest of the Barnstable team.

We value teachers who are skillful and patient; who have varied backgrounds and experience to maximize teaching strategies. As in healthy families and communities, communication between teachers, students, and parents is frequent, honest, and forthright.

Thank you for your interest in Barnstable Academy! We look forward to getting to know you better.


Isabella, 11th Grade

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