Our Promise

Our Promise

The Barnstable Promise: Our philosophy since 1978

To provide a safe, nurturing college-prep education that encourages students who learn differently to reach new levels of success and achieve their goals.

Our Mission

The mission of Barnstable Academy, since its inception in 1978, has been to maximize the potential of each student by enhancing self-esteem and providing a high-quality, academically-oriented education in which the student can be recognized and supported.

We dedicate ourselves to all the Barnstable students past, present, and future, who discover their gifts here, then take them out to make a better world.

Our Philosophy

Through in-depth study we have found many students to be profoundly dissatisfied with their previous schools. They often feel that the system is too large and impersonal. Because they are unique individuals, students desire an educational program designed for multifaceted and diverse students—not for the masses. As stated by a former graduate, “The work at Barnstable is as hard or harder than it was in my public school, but the learning is easier.”

As parents and educators, we hear repeatedly that students desire to have a greater role in their own educational process. They want to have more of the real responsibility for shaping their unfolding lives.

We believe our students can shoulder more of this responsibility when given the right opportunities. Our environment encourages young people to participate actively in their own education.

A Barnstable education focuses upon:

  • Developing clear, independent, creative thinking
  • Building the skills, inner resources, and enthusiasm needed for higher education and throughout life
  • Fostering the ability and eagerness to seek solutions to life’s challenges
  • Encouraging honest, frequent, and forthright communication


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Steve Komito (Class of 1988)

"Barnstable was the best formative years of my life. Attending gave me the confidence to be who I am today."

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