Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

Individual Stories from a Barnstable Education

Read what some of our parents have said about a Barnstable Academy education. We have over 35 years of student success stories, and look forward to sharing even more with you.

Inspiring confidence and achievement

“My son Zachary entered Barnstable Academy at the end of 8th grade and is currently a Sophomore. As a parent and a teacher, I cannot fully express how grateful I am to have found Barnstable for my son. I have seen a boy whose confidence plummeted to an all time low, skyrocket to where he accepts nothing less for himself than a place on the honor roll every semester. Students are treated with kindness and respect as individuals by every teacher and are encouraged to pursue their interests and dreams. Success oriented, Barnstable Academy prepares kids not only for college level academics but for becoming responsible and caring adults.”
Lisa Raphael—Montville, NJ

A life-changing experience

“Barnstable Academy changed our lives! My daughter went from being afraid to go to school to not being able to wait to get there every day. The teachers, students, and everyone at Barnstable were so accepting. She is now a senior and is thriving. Involved in all social activities including their wonderful performing arts program. Can’t say enough good things!”
Laurie Carney—Wayne, NJ

Excellent communication

“Providing such a small class environment would benefit any child. I particularly like the communication between faculty and myself. The Head of School is quite personable and extremely caring of my concerns.”
Doreen St. Jacques—Montebello, NY

Building confidence and social skills

“Drew has thrived under the nurturing care of Barnstable. He has consistently made honor roll from his first year in your school, which has made his confidence soar. This has allowed his health to improve greatly along with his social life. We could not imagine life without Barnstable Academy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”
Debi Weinstein—Morris Plains, NJ

Excelling in school

“Max actually likes school. A year ago, the local public school wanted to put him in classes for “slow” children. At Barnstable, he is working hard, learning, and excelling. I nearly fainted with happiness when I saw his name on the High Honor Roll!” View Jann’s video testimonials.
Jann Rudd—Oakland, NJ

Acceptance and encouragement

“Barnstable has increased his confidence in academics. There’s acceptance and encouragement from the teachers and administration. Teachers’ availability and supportive nature has increased his comfort level in seeking extra help when needed.”
Parent—Essex County, NJ

Fair and effective

“Kris has benefited greatly from the school and he likes it. With the constant communication I have with the teachers, I feel we are making progress with his attentiveness towards his subjects. The consequences for his actions have been fair and effective. Barnstable has provided Kris with the individual attention that he needs.”
Katherine Henry—Montvale, NJ

Confidence and pride

“Barnstable Academy has provided confidence and pride for my child.”
Lisa Asala—Elmwood Park, NJ

Helping students achieve their top potential

“My daughter has attended Barnstable Academy for four years and is in her last year. Coming from a large school where gifted students and special needs students receive the most attention, I felt my daughter was “falling through the cracks.” After attending BA for only a short time, she blossomed, regained her confidence and succeeded far beyond any expectation. I can honestly say this is due to the amazing teaching staff who become mentors and truly care about each and every student. They work to help students achieve their top potential and are available 24/7 for help of any kind. The school offers wonderful physical education, art, drama and journalism electives and students become like a family. The environment is one of respect, nurturing, and growth and I feel extremely grateful that we had such an amazing alternative to public school!”
Parent of a Barnstable senior—see original review at

A great academic experience

“My son is in his second year at Barnstable, it has been a great experience for him academically. He really enjoys his teachers, who are attentive, caring and always available to help. The small class size and extra help have been a great support for him.”
Parent of a Barnstable sophomore—see original review at

Inspirational and passionate teachers

“Our daughter is in her second year at Barnstable, where she is thriving academically and socially. The benefits include small classes, extra help, but most importantly, the teachers are inspirational and passionate about their work.”
Parent of a Barnstable sophomore—see original review at

Staff that go above and beyond

“Our daughter just completed her 2nd year at Barnstable: she will be a senior next year. We have been exceptionally happy with the care and attention she has received at Barnstable. The teachers and administration have been exceptionally caring and helpful throughout the two years. On the eve of our daughter’s first big Spanish exam, we got a phone call at home from the Spanish teacher asking if our daughter was feeling OK about the exam and he offered any help he could give so that she would study effectively. The Barnstable staff go above and beyond in their efforts to make school productive, supportive, and successful. Along with my wife and daughter, I have felt welcomed at Barnstable and I am very grateful that we found this exceptional school.”
Parent of a Barnstable junior—see original review at

A warm, caring, supportive environment

“Barnstable Academy is a warm, caring, supportive environment for children who are motivated to learn and wish to succeed. Faculty are available to their students offering them the skills they need to enter college. A wide range of academic courses are available with a full performing arts component.”
Parent of a Barnstable student—see original review at

More motivated and confident in every way

“Barnstable Academy has been great for our daughter. She is very happy there and the small class rooms and warm, nurturing environment has been great for her. She is more motivated and confident in every way, which we value very much. A small school is not for everyone, but has been great for our daughter.”
Parent of a Barnstable student—see original review at

Caring, professional, and responsive staff

“My daughter attended Barnstable Academy from middle school throughout her high school years. Their unique teaching style enabled her to attain her high school diploma and she has gone on to study direct health care at one of our schools. She will be interning at a local hospital in January as well as at a school for handicapped children. I cannot recommend Barnstable Academy highly enough for children whose learning style is someone different. The Administration and the Teaching staff are caring, professional and always responsive to parental input and concern.”
Parent of a Barnstable alumna—see original review at

Recovered self-esteem

“My child entered Barnstable in high school after performing poorly in our public school. He may never be an A student but he has his self-esteem back and is happy to go to school.”
Parent of a Barnstable student—see original review at

Loves going to school

“My 7th grader loves going to school every day. My husband and I are thrilled!”
Parent of a Barnstable student—see original review at

The school where my son thrived

“The administration should write more and actually tell more of their great stories. Barnstable Academy was the school where my son thrived. For five years, he became invested in his learning. He grew from a little boy to a fine young man with skills to navigate in college. He is doing remarkably well in his first year of college. Thank you, Barnstable!”
Parent of a Barnstable alumnus—see original review at

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