Who We Are

Who We Are

A private day school with a personalized approach

Welcome to Barnstable Academy, a college-prep private school in New Jersey for students in grades 5 through 12. This is a place where bright students and diverse learners receive individual attention in a secure and nurturing environment; a place where students are given the tools and confidence to achieve their personal best.

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Who We Are

The history of our private college-prep school

Barnstable was founded in 1978, when a group of educators saw students who were not reaching their potential within the traditional school setting. They envisioned developing a nurturing environment that would deliver a strong education, rich in academics, while also helping students to develop self-esteem. They wanted a school that was empathetic to its students, patient with them, and passionate about their success. They decided to open a college-prep high school and middle school which would prepare students for higher education and life beyond.

Throughout our history, Barnstable has remained true to its founders’ objectives. For over 35 years, we have filled our school with people who care; people who take the time to understand each student’s unique ways of learning and ensure everyone is able to grow and develop.

Welcoming middle and high school students today

Today, Barnstable Academy is a private high school and middle school on a small, quiet campus in Oakland, New Jersey. Our college-prep school ensures that students are well-prepared for college and life beyond.

Our school remains small by design so that we may continue to provide a personalized education to every student in a safe, nurturing environment. With an average class size of 10 students, teachers provide individual attention to each student and address unique strengths and weaknesses. Each class includes auditory, visual, and exploratory teaching methods to meet the demands of a variety of learners.

Barnstable provides an ideal environment for bright students who simply aren’t thriving in the traditional school setting, and for students with mild learning differences such as ADHD, mild dyslexia, and anxiety. Executive function skills are built into the Barnstable curriculum for these students, ensuring the development of study, organizational, and time management skills.

The future of a Barnstable education

A Barnstable education continues to grow and evolve, as we embrace technology in the classroom to promote collaboration and meaningful interaction between students and teachers. Our utilization of NWEA’s MAP assessment—an individualized, untimed, computer-based assessment of proficiency and growth—puts us on the cutting edge of personalized and specialized education, ensuring that students will receive a unique education tailored to their individual needs throughout their time at Barnstable.

We will maintain our safe, bully-free environment while expanding our options for students to ensure they receive a well-rounded educational experience. Already students have the opportunity to participate in a range of arts, athletics, and clubs typically found in a larger school setting. Our facilities and offering combined with our smaller size enables students to make friendships across age and grade boundaries.

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