Academic Support

Academic Support

An open-doors policy of support, and honest communication

Teachers often assist students who need help catching up during break or lunch. “Lunch Club” is offered for our middle school students, and workshops are also offered during afternoon periods. Our goal is to provide avenues of support, in a completely non-punitive manner, for students who might have otherwise been overlooked in a less-responsive school system.

Teacher Resources for School Help

School help is readily available at Barnstable. All of our teachers keep regular office hours for students who have questions or need added assistance. In addition, a full-time learning specialist, an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, a school psychologist, and a social worker are available for specialized expertise where it is needed.

Barnstable students often take advantage of these support services, since there is no stigma attached. It’s all part of an effort to promote a culture where students are confident, maybe even adventurous, in their approach to learning.

Parent/School Communication

Our administrative and guidance staffs are responsive to students and parents, dealing thoughtfully with questions and problems as they arise. These concerns may not always be school-related; we realize there are circumstances that go beyond the school day and into the needs of families who share the important task of educating children.

Most importantly, the lines of communication are always kept open between school and home. We view ourselves as working in partnership with parents to ensure a well-rounded, comprehensive approach to educating each student.

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