BA Virtual School Tech Support

Weekly Assignments at Barnstable

BA Virtual School Tech Support

If you’re having issues with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, the Weekly Assignment page, Focus, etc…

Here’s where you can get help:

  • Zoom/Teams (technical/connectivity issues): FEG Tech 616-301-1221 x7 x1 
  • Password reset for Teams & Focus: Rob Houghton –
  • Focus Login and issues in general: Rob Houghton –
  • Using Teams: Rob Houghton and FEG Tech 616-301-1221 x7 x1 

Pertinent Information:

  1. Teams works on both PC’s and Macs.
  2. Teams works using Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome in Windows
  3. Teams works only in Google Chrome on a Mac. Safari does not work with Teams.
  4. You do not have to download Teams onto your computer – it can run through your browser (see above note re: browsers)
  5. Access your Office/Teams account at:

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