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  • One-to-one classrooms
  • Personalized learning experience
  • Catch up, improve GPA, get ahead
  • Barnstable students receive significant savings on EDGE tuition
  • Each EDGE class includes FREE Bengal Homework Den support!

While most students attend Barnstable Academy full time, we’ve created a part-time supplement for middle and high school students currently enrolled at Barnstable to catch up, improve their GPA, or get ahead for the next school year. The Barnstable EDGE allows students a distinct learning advantage. Every class is taught with just one student and one teacher in a private classroom, allowing for curriculum and teaching to be customized to each student’s unique interests and learning style.

This private learning environment removes barriers for gifted learners while giving struggling students the extra time and attention they need for challenging subjects. Students can learn at their own pace from teachers who are also mentors to them. Best of all, Barnstable EDGE students have the advantage of our full-school’s social and athletic experience!

one-to-onev2*Full-time students of Barnstable Academy receive significant discounts off Barnstable EDGE. A Barnstable EDGE class consists of a full year of 50 individual class sessions and equates to 1 full-year course, replacing a full-year course in our traditional classroom.

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