Early College Program

Prepping for college by attending university-level classes

The Early College Program is a transitional step for selected students as they make the challenging leap from high school to college. The program allows juniors and seniors to take one or more three-credit college courses during the afternoon, at William Paterson University.

How It Works

Barnstable Academy is a college preparatory school, and as such ensures that students are well-prepared for higher education. Students participating in the Early College Program attend their regular classes at Barnstable during the morning and are then integrated into William Paterson University’s (WPU) academic environment in the afternoon. The WPU staff makes no distinction between Barnstable Academy students and their own college freshmen or sophomores. After students register for courses, they must take the basic entrance examination required for all WPU students.

In nearly every instance, students who are successful in these courses can transfer the credit to college upon graduation from Barnstable.

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