Learning Differently

Learning Differently at Barnstable

Unique programs for students with learning differences

If you’re searching for a private day school for a student with learning differences that will satisfy all of his or her academic needs, you’ve found that school. Barnstable Academy is dedicated to admitting bright and talented students who simply learn differently.

Who attends Barnstable?

Some of our students have different scheduling needs due to a professional performing arts career. Others may have gotten lost in the large public school system and simply need a smaller, more individualized learning environment. Some students require more personalized attention and skill-building due to learning differences, attention difficulties, poor organization and executive functioning deficits, or difficulty with social skills. Barnstable offers a nurturing and flexible environment which allows us to accommodate the varying needs of all of these students.

Beyond helping our students build upon their natural talents, our ultimate goal at Barnstable Academy is to provide them with the opportunity to gain acceptance into an appropriate college, community college, junior college, or post-high school tech program.

Individualized Education for Learning Differences

We have found that most children with learning differences respond better academically and socially to smaller class sizes. Our average class size is 10 students, which allows us to individualize each student’s educational goals. These small classes also allow our faculty to provide individual attention and a nurturing, safe environment for all students.

Unique Educational Approach

Our unique educational approach includes flexible scheduling and additional support programs to enable our students to gain valuable confidence and skills. Some additional support programs offered are:

  • Study skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Social skills
  • Time management skills
  • Skills remediation
  • Daily extra faculty assistance
  • Extra science, math, and English workshops

Barnstable’s Accent Program

Barnstable’s Accent Program is our customized programming that offers extra help for students who are college bound, but have difficulty with the college-prep curriculum and the New Jersey State required core-curriculum standards due to learning differences. Students enrolled in the Barnstable Accent program take part in special one-on-one and group sessions throughout the day with our full-time Certified Reading Specialist.

As part of the enrollment process at Barnstable Academy, your child will be evaluated to determine if he or she has learning differences and would benefit from this personalized attention. If so, this program will be included within your child’s Individualized Education Plan. Your child will then take part in the appropriate one-on-one and small group sessions which are offered throughout the school day.


Students in the Accent Program have most of their core academic classes conducted by our Certified Reading Specialist, but are integrated into the main school courses where academically appropriate. Additionally, these students are integrated into the regular morning break, lunch, and afternoon electives which include required courses such as Art, Health, and Physical Education. In doing this, these students have the ability to socialize and interact with all Barnstable Academy students and teachers.

Learning Management

Our Learning Management course is the way in which we address executive function skill-building in our middle and high school students with learning differences.

Children with ADD and ADHD frequently struggle in this area. A lack of executive function skills can have a dramatic impact throughout one’s life, as it affects self-regulation and the ability to work toward achieving a goal. Therefore, our students who require consistent supervision in meeting expectations are enrolled in the Learning Management course, providing them with daily organizational and remedial support.

The Accent Program includes an afternoon class of Learning Management, in which our students with learning differences work on executive function skills such as self-monitoring, planning, organizing, and initiating. The Certified Reading Specialist works in conjunction with our full-time School Social Worker to achieve the goal of helping every student effectively develop and utilize these important life skills. You can learn more about the Learning Management course on our Course Offerings page.

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Steve Komito (Class of 1988)

"Barnstable was the best formative years of my life. Attending gave me the confidence to be who I am today."

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