Middle School

Middle School Students at Barnstable

A supportive environment for a middle school education

Students in grades 5 through 8 form our middle school. Middle school is a bridging period, as children mature into young adults, and we support our students through these social and personal changes while helping them grow their academic interests and abilities.

Private Middle School Academics

Courses in mathematics, literature, social studies, language arts, and science provide a solid foundation for each student’s pursuit of knowledge. Alongside these core curriculum courses, we offer students the option for enrichment classes in computer science, physical education, performing arts, and fine arts.

Middle school student and teacher

Core academic courses are held in the morning, when students are fresh and alert, while electives are saved for the afternoons. Each child has an academic schedule tailored to his or her needs. If a student is advanced in a subject, we can cross-grade him or her into more challenging courses, including those offered on the high school level.

Barnstable employs a Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant (LDT-C) to provide additional assistance where needed.

Middle school student at Barnstable

Developing Social Skills

Middle school is a time of great change for students, both socially and physically, and students are often faced with unfamiliar social situations. To assist our students in navigating this uncharted territory, we provide a social skills class. All middle school students complete this class, which helps them develop stronger self-esteem and furthers their ability to resolve conflicts on their own.

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Steve Komito (Class of 1988)

"Barnstable was the best formative years of my life. Attending gave me the confidence to be who I am today."

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