College Readiness

College Readiness at Barnstable

College Readiness and life beyond school

At Barnstable, we never lose sight of the fact that we are preparing our students for life beyond high school. Most of our students want to go to college, and we support them in every step of their preparations.

Our rigorous academics prepare students for the creative thinking and problem solving they will need to succeed in college-level classes, while our supportive environment nurtures the personal and social skills needed for success in life and relationships.

SAT and ACT Test Prep

Earnest preparation for college often begins with the SAT and ACT. Our college prep school offers a test preparation course which takes place during March and April each year, and ensures that our students are fully prepared. The twelve-session course encompasses the math, critical thinking, and writing components of the exam. In keeping with our philosophy of education, classes are small so that students can maximize their potential.

Early College Program

Some of our students are ready to tackle college-level material as juniors or seniors, and for those students we offer an Early College Program. This transitional program allows students to take one or more three-credit courses during the afternoon at William Paterson University. In nearly every instance, a student who is successful in these courses is allowed to transfer the credit to his or her college upon graduation from our college prep school.

Barnstable juniors and seniors can start college early

Roster of Colleges

We are proud to be a college prep school where a high percentage of our students go on to college. Barnstable Academy students have been accepted to an impressive roster of two- and four-year colleges and universities, which you can view on our College Acceptances page.

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