Admissions Process

Admissions Process at Barnstable

A customized process for an individualized education

At Barnstable, we recognize that each student and situation is unique and so customize our admissions process to accommodate varying situations. Generally the admissions process follows the steps outlined below, which ensures that our school and your child are a match before he or she begins attending.

Step 1: The Inquiry

The admissions process begins with you. You realize that your child isn’t succeeding as he or she should, or is simply unfulfilled academically or socially, and you need an alternative. This is a difficult realization. It means that you must leave behind the familiar for the promise of what can be. You search the Internet. You read books and magazines. You seek out other parents who have made similar decisions. All of which have led you here, considering Barnstable Academy.

Step 2: The Parent Interview

To determine whether Barnstable Academy’s surroundings, academics, and outlook can help your child succeed, we seek a thorough understanding of his or her needs. Together, parent and educator, we will assess how well your son or daughter is likely to acclimate to Barnstable. Because of our emphasis on small class sizes, we can also determine whether we have available space at your child’s grade level.

Step 3: The Parent Tour

Phone calls, brochures, and websites cannot fully communicate the unique environment and culture that comprise Barnstable. The only way for parents to fully appreciate this is to see the school firsthand.

The interview/tour portion of the application process takes about an hour and a half. Ideally, you will tour the campus in the morning, when the academic subjects are taught. It is helpful to bring your child to the interview/tour, so that an appropriate assessment of suitability can be made.

Step 4: The Student Interview

A crucially important step in the process is the student interview. Once you have determined that a Barnstable education is something you would like to pursue for your child, we must meet with your child to confirm that we are a good fit for each other. At this interview, we determine whether or not Barnstable will be able to meet your child’s needs.

Step 5: The Student Tour

It is unfortunate that the person with the greatest influence over your child’s academic success is often overlooked. It is equally fortunate that this is not the case at Barnstable Academy. We ask your child to join us for a day. We invite him or her to sit in on classes and to talk to our teachers and students. We encourage potential students to ask the questions they think are most important, such as:

  • “What is it like to have such small classes?”
  • “How do students feel about the combination of academic and elective courses?”
  • “How does Barnstable Academy compare to my previous middle school or high school?”

Only then can your son or daughter successfully participate in a decision that will profoundly affect his or her future.

Step 6: Mutual Assessment

Barnstable Academy is unlike your current middle school or high school. Our difference in approach is even evident in our admissions process. Each person involved in this decision—parent, child, educators, and administrators—evaluates whether Barnstable is the right fit for the student. It is very important, and essential for high school students, that the student demonstrates a firm desire to attend Barnstable Academy. At this point, we also check the references that you have provided.

Step 7: Parent Meeting

Finally, parents meet with Barnstable staff. We will review the results of the student visit, hear the impressions of our teachers and administrators, and review the individual assessments. If all parties determine that Barnstable Academy is the best match for your child, he or she will be accepted for admission and we will discuss a start date.

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