Weekly Assignments

Mrs. Boniface

Performing Arts & Cheerleading

We are looking forward to the return of our students & meeting new comers in the Fall! Welcoming all to a new year of exciting performances for Barnstable’s Got Talent!

Please be thinking of bringing in any and all innovative & creative ideas for songs, dances, scenes etc..

I look forward to meeting with each of the talented singers, dancers, actors & musicians to discuss new material for our shows! We’ll also include considering music that was selected for our PA Players at the end of the school year!!

Please feel free to email me with any new ideas you may have to offer for our Performing Arts Program! We thrive on creativity!

Also, Cheerleading will be our Monday/Wednesday fall elective. Anyone looking forward to being part of our Barnstable Spirit is welcome!

See you in the Fall!


Mrs. Boniface

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