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Weekly Assignments January 13 – 17


Monday – Wrap up for the scenario and review of the activity.  (Look to Tuesday of last week for the corresponding assignment.)

Tuesday – Friday – Review for the mid year exams.  Study guides will be handed out today.

The following items will be on the final exam (Study Guides will be posted below)


Monday – For homework, students will have to create a background for their Lovecraft character.

Tuesday – Friday (UPDATED) – The students will engage in an exercise of a horror story scenario.  Their assignment (due next Friday) will be to do one of the following:

1 – Write a fictional narrative of their character’s experiences (creative writing).

2 – An analysis of the exercise.  Did they learn anything about the mechanics of a horror story and how effective role-playing was in establishing the scenario. (analysis)

3 – What they feel could have been done during the scenario to make it more effective as a horror story. (critique).


Analysis (examples);

  • What issues do you believe Holden has that cause him to behave the way he does?
  • Why was the book banned in certain places?  Was the ban reasonable?
  • Compare the novel to Into The Wild.  What are the differences?  What are the similarities?

Creative Writing (examples);

  • Write a chapter where Holden does actually call Jane Gallagher.  What happens?
  • Re-write the ending of the story.
  • Holden Caulfield in the Korean War.

Critique (examples);

  • Holden is too unreliable to be narrating the story and another form of narrative should be used.
  • Catcher in the Rye is not an accurate representation of your average teenager.


Monday – Continued review of the Lovecraft story, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.  (There will be test on FRIDAY this week.)

Tuesday – Mid Year exam study guides will be handed out.  We will spend the rest of the week preparing for next week’s exams.


Monday – Friday – The students will receive hand outs of the H.P. Lovecraft story The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.  They should read these hand-outs and be prepared for a test on the story on Wednesday of next week.



  • Compare Nick and Jordan’s relationship with Daisy & Gatsby’s relationship.
  • Why does Nick admire Gatsby despite the fact that a lot of his behaviors are the very type that Nick condemns?
  • The world of the Great Gatsby existed in our actual history.  Draw parallels between elements of Gatsby’s world and our own.

Creative Writing

  • Tom and Daisy have a big argument about his extra-marital affairs.
  • A date with Nick and Jordan.
  • Gatsby conducts business with some of his criminal contacts.
  • Changing the ending of the story.


  • It is clear that Fitzgerald was criticizing the over-the-top behavior of the time.  Do you agree with his criticisms, or does life in that environment seem fun?
  • Does the Great Gatsby hold up?  Are the criticisms of that society applicable to today’s modern society?

Handouts 2020


[Assignment] Egyptian Myths Handout Example

[Assignment] Literary Terms02

[Assignment] Sir Gawaine & Green Knight Worksheet

[Poem] An Indian At The Burial Place of his Fathers

[Poem] Poe’s The Bells

[Sarina] Literary Terrms02 Quiz

[Text] Egyptian Myths

[Text] Paine Age of Reason

[Text] Tale of Sir Gawaine – Highlighted

[Text] Tale of Sir Lancelot


School Supplies for 2019-2020

For the next school year for Mr. McKenna’s English Literature Classes, I suggest the following.

1 – Pencil/Pen Case – This is probably a good idea, as it does seem that students always seem to lose their pens and pencils.  Having a case filled with them will probably be very useful.  Be sure to put your name on it.

2 – A folder with pockets.  I tend to hand out a lot of study guides during the school year, and carrying them in an English-specific folder will help keep all of their hand outs organized.

Alternatively, one could use a 3-ring Binder if they are willing to punch holes in all of the hand-outs.

3 – I recommend Notepads or loose leaf over spiral notebooks, as it will often be necessary to submit written assignments, and then they can be placed in the folder with pockets.

2019 Thesis Topics

Bitanga, Peter – An increase in the amount of gun control laws will not be an effective measure in preventing gun crime.

Carney, Chris – Computer and Video games affect people negatively by impairing their social skills.

Clapp, Jerrell – Addiction to computer and video games is over-exposed issue.

Cosentino, Julian – Although the United States army performed poorly during the revolution, George Washington was an exceptional commander.

Doran, Cayla – Which gun control measures need to be taken to reduce the amount of gun-related crime in the U.S.

Giantonio, Nick – The inconsistencies in the investigation of Kennedy’s assassination indicate there was a conspiracy to kill him.

Gomes, Alexis – The causes of depression and how it can be properly addressed.

Grama, Blake – Modern school shootings are preventable incidents.

Holtz, Miles – For profit prisons are corrupt and are in need of major reforms.

Joseph, Sarina –

McLaughlin, Harry – Popular Media negatively affects human sociology, personal habits and self-esteem.

McPartland, Cassidy –

Nelson, Evan – The terrorist attack on 9/11 was a conspiracy to provoke the United States into war.

Pashalides, Nick – Cosmetic and medical testing on animals is both immoral and unreliable.

Rauch, Sam –

Ross, Zach – The NCAA is a corrupt organization that takes advantage of amateur athletes to make a profit.

Seyki-Williams, Zachari – How mob mentality causes people to behave irrationally.

Steuerwald, Cate – Serial Killers are influenced by traumatic effects that occurred during their lives.

Sung, Minho Marc – How air pollution adversely affects the world’s ecosystem.

Thornton, Gage – Social media actually inhibits personal communication.

Vicich, Trevor – Computer and video games can be used to improve creativity, problem solving and hand-eye coordination.

Wen, Shuo – How religious doctrines can cause infighting within society and between nations.

Wharton, Ryan – The reasons why a communist government will fail.

Wisnudel, David – Modern Capitalism is beset by corruption and manipulated by monopolies.

Witmondt, Daniel –

Yeger, Yaacov –

English Rubrics

This is where I will post Rubrics relevant to class assignments.  I will update this list as the year continues.

Homework Essay Assignment

Homework Essay Assignment Rubric

Homework Movie Production Rubric


Homework Reading Assignment



Word Processing Information

Word Processing Information

Thesis Outline Instructions & Example

Sample Outline (2)

Man of Steel Outline

Using Citations In A Thesis

Student Thesis Topics

Student Thesis Topics

Works Cited Exercise01


MLA Format Cover Page

MLA Cover Page Format

This document is a sample cover page.  In addition to displaying the MLA format, it also gives instructions and guidelines regarding how to organize the heading.

MLA Works Cited Page (Online Sources)

UPDATING FOR Version 8 of the MLA format.

Optional Thesis Topics

Optional Thesis Topics (Updated List)

This is a list of thesis topics.  You may choose one from the list or can use the list as inspiration when coming up with a writing topic.

Standard Copyediting Symbols

Standard Copyediting Symbols

This is how professional editors mark inaccuracies.  While I currently make easy-to-understand editing remarks, we will be studying this sheet and gradually increase its usage.  This sheet will help you to understand the marks on your papers.

Thesis Documents

Thesis Outline Planner

Thesis Sample – Border Wall

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