The Experience

The Barnstable Experience

A well-rounded education in a warm environment

Barnstable’s robust academic program provides a college-prep education for a range of learners. With small class sizes, each student is able to receive individual attention and a personalized approach. Outside of the academic program, Barnstable offers the social atmosphere, elective course selection, and extracurricular activity range that you would expect to find at a much larger school.

All of this takes place in warm environment where teachers nurture and mentor each student and friends are made across any age or grade boundaries.

Elective Courses

Our elective courses are designed around two central concepts: personal choice and integration with daily life. Our Physical Education electives present a wide range of activities for students which they can participate in for double time periods in the afternoon, two times per week. Because physical wellness is essential to one’s quality of life, we offer activities that are considered lifetime pursuits such as tennis and martial arts.

Our arts electives also reflect this approach. Rather than going to a studio or private lesson after school, Barnstable students integrate their study of the fine arts or performing arts into their daily academic lives. This system for elective courses helps our young people to thrive—not just as scholars, but as whole and balanced people.


Student Life

Walk our hallways and peer into our classrooms—it soon becomes clear that Barnstable is different. The structure and pace of Barnstable Academy is unique.

At Barnstable, we believe that how our students learn is just as important as what we teach them. Essential to our approach is the organization of our school day.

We have seen firsthand that students learn best when they are well-rested, so Barnstable students take their major academic courses during the first half of the day. In the second half, they pursue their chosen elective courses.

Unlike many larger and more traditional schools, we encourage students to integrate their interests into their individual academic life. The benefit of this approach is twofold: first, it provides students with a tangible sense of ownership in their education. Second, it leverages each student’s enthusiasm—whether in dance, soccer, or photography—to strengthen that student’s self-direction and self-esteem.

Each day our students grow academically, but they also develop vital interpersonal skills interacting with peers and supportive adults in an environment that is rich in respect and trust.


There are many opportunities for students to participate in our Barnstable community, both in everyday pursuits and in special trips and events:


Paint Night

War Strategies

Ski Club

Hiking Club


Student Government

National Honor Society

Performing Arts

Barnstable’s Got Talent Show

Musical Theatre

Bergen County Teen Arts Festival


Sports Teams:






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