Dr. Kwan Kim

Kwan Kim, PhD joined the Barnstable Academy family as a teacher of Environmental Science, Algebra II, and Advanced Math in 2010. Dr. Kim has multiple academic backgrounds in the sciences, math, and computer science. Not only has Dr. Kim taught at the high school level, but he was a professor at Seonam University in Korea and more recently, at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Hackensack.

Dr. Kim has been published multiple times in the areas of Neurons in the Central Nervous System, Cell Biology, and Biostatistics. In addition, he has developed two websites including statistical software which can be accessed at http://www.statext.com. He is also developing Android apps using Java Language.

Dr. Kim received ETS Recognition of Excellence for perfect scores in Mathematics, Biology, and General Science for the Praxis Series. He holds a Teaching Certificate from the State of New Jersey.

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