Rhoda Kirschenbaum

Ms. Rhoda Kirschenbaum has a BA in French Language and Literature from Lynchburg College and English as a Second Language certification from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She holds New Jersey State Standard Teaching Certification in both language fields. Here at Barnstable Academy, she taught French, Spanish and Latin for sixteen years. She is a 20+ year member of the Barnstable Academy staff.

Ms. Kirschenbaum has now moved back into the role of College and Career Counselor as Director of Student Advancement. She will assure that each Barnstable graduate leaves here with a plan for the future. She will continue her role in testing which includes MAP and applying for student modifications for the PSAT, Pre-ACT, ACT, and SAT Assessments.

Ms. Kirschenbaum enjoys warm weather, traveling and dancing! She is passionate about the English language and will never be found without her book close by.

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