Robert Houghton

Rob has a BA in Applied Music (Classical Piano) from William Paterson University and holds a New Jersey State Standard Teaching Certification for grades K-12. He is a 20+ year veteran of Barnstable Academy.

Of note Rob has co-produced an iPhone app for Abbott Systems – “MoMu” (short for motion music).

In addition to his avid love of computer software and technology, he has written music for film, rock bands and commercials. In 1990 he wrote the official New Jersey song for ending hunger – “Take A Stand” and also authored the popular ‘geek’ theme “Pylo The Pylon” which has more than one million views on YouTube. Samples of his music can be heard at

In addition to computers and music, Rob also greatly enjoys cooking for his three kids and has a web site which has recipes and videos for parents and kids who want to learn the basics of cooking.

Apropos of nothing, Rob played for the 1970 Little League World Champions from Wayne, N.J.

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