USI Period 1 & 6:

Due Friday November 20th: Please write a one paragraph response on how propaganda affects public opinion of war, and be sure to use examples of how propaganda has been used to gain public support in US conflicts from the Revolutionary war to present day.

Due Monday November 30th: Outline for essay

Due Friday December 11th: How did Thomas' Paine's Common Sense affect public opinion of the growing Independence Movement after Lexington and Concord? Was Common Sense simply propaganda or were the arguments in Common Sense valid to show cause for a revolution?

Essay must be 2 pages, double spaced, Times new roman font, size 12.

QUIZ DATE Wednesday December 2nd: Chapter 2 Section 2 Vocab Quiz

TEST DATE Friday December 18th :  Chapter 2 Sections 1 & 2

USII Period 3&5:


  1. A) There are NO formal homework assignments during this unit. You are responsible for checking focus and getting in any late & owed work.


  1. B) The Stock Market Crash Test (chapter 14)

TEST DATE:  12/7/20

Contemporary Issues: