Dr. Rebecca Eliason

Head of School


Dr. Eliason is thrilled to be the Head of School at Barnstable Academy. After working as the Director of Psychological Services and school psychologist at Barnstable, she has a unique understanding of our population and how to nurture students’ strengths and help them maximize their best potential. Dr. Eliason truly enjoys working with each student, and the students know it from her warm, caring and fun approach and her individualized way of helping each student achieve their personal goals. She uses a collaborative approach, recognizing how important family and teacher support is for students to truly excel.

Dr. Eliason received her Doctorate and Master’s in School Psychology from St. John’s University and has certification as a School Psychologist in both New Jersey and New York.

Dr. Eliason has experience in a variety of school and therapeutic programs, including externships in Fort Lee’s public school system and the Albert Ellis Institute. As part of her supervised training, she has conducted psycho-educational evaluations and individual therapy at St. John’s University and at a local private practice. Dr. Eliason has significant experience working with men, women, and children with various disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, ADHD, and emotional and personality disorders.

Dr. Eliason worked as a Counselor with New York University’s Child Study Center in their SPK (Summer Program for Kids) working with children who have ADHD and in their ALL (Advanced Learning Lab) program working with children who have Asperger’s Syndrome.

Recently, Dr. Eliason was the second author of a chapter in the book, Urban Special Education, The New York Experience. She is credited with numerous co-authorships on poster presentations at professional conferences.