Barnstable Academy

A College Prep School in Oakland

Barnstable Academy is a top private school in New Jersey for students in grades 5-12, providing the individual attention, specialized learning programs, and safe environment they need to be successful—without sacrificing the athletics, arts, and electives that make up a traditional school experience.

One of the best ways to learn about Barnstable is to join us on campus. You’ll learn about our history, our educational approach, and the types of students that are thriving at Barnstable. Join us for an upcoming event—we’d love to show you the opportunities that Barnstable can offer your student.

Barnstable Stories

Connor, Barnstable Student

Isabella, 11th Grade

Jake, 8th Grade

Max, 12th Grade

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David Cohen (Class of 1991)

"At Barnstable, I found a school filled with people who cared....from jocks to actors, from vampires to Van Gogh's, from rockers to ravers, from ADD to OCD....we co-existed and expanded our minds and lives without feeling different or wrong.  Barnstable, a place that understood our individual ways of learning, made us all feel comfortable with who we were and we were all able to learn."

Barnstable Academy
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