COVID-19 Preparedness

Barnstable Academy is planning to open for daily in person instruction for all students on campus in the fall of 2020. We have made plans in line with the governor's guidelines to promote a safe learning environment while maintaining the integrity of our program. Fortunately, our small class sizes and spacious layout create an advantageous environment during this challenging time. In the event that Barnstable Academy needs to move to virtual learning at any stage, we are prepared to make smooth transitions to virtual and back to in person learning. We have been implementing a multitude of safety measures to create an academic environment that provides appropriate social distancing, connectedness and a strong education. Barnstable Academy will have virtual classes available for students during this pandemic, as we recognize there may be additional circumstances where students may not be able to attend school in person.

We will continue to come up with ways to create the best learning environment possible for all of our students amidst this unprecedented time.

Thank you to our teachers, students and families for their support in making our virtual time together so successful. We are proud of the live in person instruction our teachers provided daily in all of our academic classes, the social opportunities offered throughout the school day and evenings as well as the schedule and routine our community was able to maintain.

Please reach out to 201.651.0200 for more information on how Barnstable Academy is planning for the fall of 2020.

Stay safe and healthy!