Choose Barnstable Academy for Your Child

Deciding where your child attends school is one of the most important decisions you will make in their lives, one with possibly the most far-reaching effects. Read some words from our head of school, Dr. Rebecca Eliason, about the Barnstable approach to education.

For the last 40 years, Barnstable Academy has offered a college prep education for students utilizing a warm student-centered approach. At Barnstable, our students thrive in our positive community and are consistently supported and encouraged to achieve their academic and overall best. It is clear from the moment you walk in our doors how sincerely our teachers and administrators care for each student and how dedicated Barnstable Academy’s faculty is to helping each student actualize their best potential.

Our small classes, with no more than 14 students in a classroom, cover core curriculum in the morning, capitalizing on the time that students can focus their optimal energy on learning. The afternoon is reserved for electives (e.g., Drones, Performing Arts, War Hammer) and physical education. 

Barnstable Academy also features two additional programs, Barnstable Edge and Bengal Den. The Barnstable Edge program offers students the ability to take most courses 1-to-1 with a teacher. Students may utilize this class to accelerate their education and/or sharpen skills that require additional development. The Bengal Den is a homework program where a teacher supports students in getting their homework completed. The teacher helps organize and plan assignments with students as well as provide oversight.

We take tremendous pride in how successful our students are both within Barnstable as well as after they graduate. Our staff focuses on providing the right support in middle school and high school to enable our students to be truly successful in “life after Barnstable.” We have 40 years of success stories from students that truly reflect the mission and vision of our program. We are honored to provide education and support to the students who pass through our doors each year.

I would like to personally welcome you to come and visit our exceptional community and experience Barnstable Academy!

Dr. Rebecca Eliason

Barnstable Academy Head of School

Barnstable Academy is accredited by The Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association (MSA).