Support Services at Barnstable

Barnstable Academy college prep school has been educating bright children who learn differently for over 40 years. Some students require more personalized attention and skill-building due to learning differences. We offer support services to students with attention difficulties such as ADHD, poor organization and executive functioning deficits, or difficulty with social skills. Barnstable’s mindful schedule with academics in the morning and small classes sizes, in addition to Accent Reading, EDGE classes, academic workshops, and executive functioning workshops help us accommodate the varying needs of these students.

Why is Barnstable Academy a great school for students who learn differently?

Small Class Sizes

Barnstable’s class sizes average around 8 students, with a maximum of 14 students per class. Small classes allow for more personal attention and for our teachers to incorporate multiple teaching styles to accommodate the varying learning styles of our students.

Highly Trained Faculty

Barnstable’s highly experienced teachers are further trained to implement a learning-styles approach for each student. Our teachers also receive continued learning.

Accent Reading

Accent Reading is a course designed to improve the important skills associated with reading, such as comprehension, fluency, deciding, vocabulary development, and critical thinking. Written response is also focused on. This course pulls from elements of Orton-Gillingham, Wilson, and Lindamood-Bell. Afternoon workshops provide reading and writing support for other classes. The Accent Reading class is scheduled for all of our middle school students, and some high school students depending on the level of support needed.

Flexible Course Scheduling

All core classes are taken in the morning, when attention is at its peak, and electives comprise the afternoon. Within our program, we also offer the Edge program for students who need a more tailored schedule.

Academic and Executive Functioning Workshops

Additional academic and executive functioning workshops are available during the regular school day.

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