Unique Programs at Barnstable

Barnstable Academy offers a multitude of unique programs and course options for students to get the best private school experience. See below for some of our incredible offerings. 

Middle & High School Options

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Accent Reading
Bengal Den
Academic Workshops
War Strategies
Test Preparation
Science Fair
Recording Studio
Art Portfolio
Advanced Placement (AP)
Enrichment Classes
MAP Testing

Accent Reading is a course designed to improve the important skills associated with reading, such as comprehension, fluency, deciding, vocabulary development, and critical thinking. Written response is also focused on. This course pulls from elements of Orton-Gillingham, Wilson, and Lindamood-Bell. Afternoon workshops provide reading and writing support for other classes. The Accent Reading class is scheduled for all of our middle school students and some high school students, depending on the level of support needed.


Barnstable Academy students have the opportunity to participate in a *supplemental program to catch up, improve their GPA, or get ahead for the next school year through our Edge classes. Every class is taught with just one student and one teacher in a private classroom, allowing for curriculum and teaching to be customized to each student’s unique interests, learning style, and preferred learning space.



The Bengal Den is a homework hub where students are

able to spend time working on their homework in a

focused environment. They may attend during the day

or after school.


*Time in the Bengal Den does have additional costs.



Students who benefit from a little extra help in a class

have the opportunity to attend a workshop in Accent

Reading, math, science, foreign language, English,

history, or executive functioning up to twice a week.




At Barnstable, we view tech as an essential part of a

student's education and as a natural extension of the 21st-

century classroom that enhances learning throughout

the school's curricula.


Tech Resources include:

  • Oculus Go Virtual Reality
  • VEX Robotics Lab
  • 3D Printers

Overall, we are very excited about what our students are

doing and how they will springboard what they've

learned at Barnstable into their college and professional



Learn strategy, planning, cooperation, and foresight

through such strategy games as Warhammer,

Warhammer 40k, Rail Raiders, and Super Dungeon Explorer!

War Strategies introduces new and experienced students to these and other tabletop strategy games.


Get help before the next big test. We offer support for 

the following tests:

  • ACT
  • SAT
  • Pre-ACT
  • PSAT


All students taking a science class participate in our

annual Science Fair. Students have the opportunity to

create unique and exciting experiments under the

mentorship of their science teachers and then prepare a

professional tri-fold explaining the steps of the scientific

method used for their specific experiment. The

Barnstable Science Fair is a special evening event where

students present and showcase their research.



  • Create an album
  • Work on a portfolio
  • Learn a new instrument
  • Discover musical passions
  • Jam between classes



With our incredible art studio and teacher, students can

put together their portfolio to submit to colleges, art

shows, and more.




Advanced Placement (AP) courses are known to be the

most rigorous and academically challenging classes in

which a student may participate.  A school’s selection of

AP courses are used to determine national school

rankings and other measurements of academic success. 

Barnstable Academy offers 6 unique AP classes within

the subjects of English, history, science, and math.  For

the past several years, our students have earned college

credit after passing their Advanced Placement Exams

and leave high school fully prepared for the demands of

college academics.


Barnstable Academy offers 26 enrichment courses to

enable our students to explore various areas of interest

outside of the core curriculum. Students might choose to

take a class like zoology and dissection course,

knitting for a cause, public speaking or one of our many

other options.


Barnstable Academy utilizes a proven methodology that assesses not only student proficiency but also growth from test to test. In this way, we are better able to customize each student’s education to his or her needs and continually check that mastery learning is occurring.



Academic Excellence

We are committed to academic excellence and are constantly evolving our program to create the best experience for our students. If you have any questions about our current offerings or wonder what else we have to offer, click below to connect with us!

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