School Shows

Barnstable Academy students are encouraged to participate in our annual Barnstable’s Got Talent Show (BGT) as well as our Spring Musical Performance through our Performing Arts Program (PA). Barnstable’s PA students have performed at a NJ Devil’s Game at the Prudential Center, Bergen County Teen Arts Festivals, nursing homes, our coffee houses and many other stages throughout NJ.

Performing Arts

Barnstable Academy is proud of our long-standing performing arts program which has components that focus on singing and acting as well as building up the talents of our musicians who practice and play together for our shows. Barnstable Academy has our annual Barnstable’s Got Talent (BGT) show and spring musical performance.

Barnstable students perform annually in the Teen Arts Festival and have been winning awards at this competition for years!

Students enjoy and participate in our coffee houses/open mic nights as well as other performing opportunities. Our cheerleaders and performing arts students performed at a NJ Devil’s Game at the Prudential Center this year.

Barnstable's Got Talent (BGT)

Barnstable Students are invited to participate in our annual talent show. We have a tremendous amount of talent on our campus and enjoy the individual and collective stylings of our musicians, band, singers, actors and actresses and comedians. It’s a great show!


Barnstable Academy students can participate in our annual Spring Musical. Students rehearse daily during electives on campus and we host our grand performance at the YMCA in Wayne. Many students are in our shows singing, acting and performing. We also love using our musicians in our live band for our musical accompaniments.