Parent Ambassador Group

The Parent Ambassadors meet quarterly with Dr. Eliason to continually plan, review, and improve the way we support our school. Parent Ambassador meetings are open to all Barnstable families and we invite and encourage everyone to get involved!

Download P.A. Brochure

Our Purpose

The P.A. helps build the warm and welcoming community within the Barnstable family. Below are just some of the initiatives we spearhead.

  • Welcoming new families
  • Whole-school holiday parties
  • Alumni care packages
  • Maintaining the School Directory
  • Making family connections
  • Teacher appreciation activities
  • Hosting all-school pre-prom parties
  • Seasonal school decorating
  • Selling swag at school events
  • Hosting parent socials

Grade-Level Captains

To support our goal of consistent and strong communication, we have a Middle School Captain and Grade Captains for each high school grade. Contacting them is a great place to start if you have questions or are new to the school since they serve as the point person for things specific to their grade.

Amy Skoultchi

Cell: 646-352-2159
Child: Jack

Liz Thauer

12th Grade
Cell: 201-207-3900
Child: Kristen

Joanna O'Toole

11th Grade / Treasurer
Cell: 201-218-4221
Child: Erin

Shakila Majid

10th Grade
Cell: 973-722-0458
Child: Yasin

Heather Hubbard

9th Grade
Cell: 917-836-9793
Child: Luke

Ingrid Magliato

Middle School
Cell: 917-446-3854
Child: Luca

So many ways to Support your P.A.!

Donate, Participate, Get Involved

In order to achieve our goals, we need every family to be invested and supporting our efforts!

Each family is asked to help sustain the work of the Parent Ambassadors with class dues of $75 per student. These funds will enable us to plan and carry out our mission of community building and continuing to enhance school life.

Participating in the planning and execution of our activities is a wonderful opportunity to give back to our Barnstable family and we encourage everyone to get involved!

How to make a donation

Make check payable to Parent Ambassadors - B.A. and mail check to Barnstable. Or, use PayPal at