Our Athletics

At Barnstable Academy, students have the opportunity to participate in a varsity athletic program. With our small school environment, more students have a chance to be a part of a team. Here, we enable our students to be able to manage athletics and academics. The systems we have in place ensure the success of student-athletes academically and athletically.

Our Athletic Program

Students have the opportunity to try out and compete on a varsity sports team in a setting that is conducive for daily improvement for everyone.

We strive to make each student’s participation in sports a positive, healthy and enjoyable one.

We aspire to help students achieve and maintain a high level of athletic performance while developing strong moral character in the process.

We provide opportunities for student athletes to grow as individuals.

Interscholastic Athletics

We're a part of the Tri-County Athletic League and compete with other schools in the area.

Physical Education and Health Afternoon Electives

Barnstable Academy's physical and non-physical electives take place in the afternoon. Students have the opportunity to join sports teams and practice during school hours, enjoy other sports options, as well as participate in other physical education offerings such as dance and fitness.

Our Physical Electives Include:

  • Basketball (Varsity Team)
  • Bowling (High School & Middle School)
  • Dance & Yoga
  • Fitness / Strength
  • Health
  • High School Field Sports
  • Middle School PE
  • Soccer (Varsity Team)
  • Street Hockey
  • Summer Ball Sports
  • Turf Soccer & Futsal
  • Walk to the Beat
  • Yoga (High School & Middle School)

Attend a Game

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Athletics Instructors

Director of Athletics: Dan Kuhar

Varsity Soccer Coaching Staff: Joe Asaro, Adrian Ford

Varsity Basketball Coach: Dan Kuhar

Varsity Cheerleading Coach: Darlene Boniface