Who We Are

At Barnstable Academy, we care deeply about the growth of our students. We build relationships and are genuinely invested in bolstering each student to achieve his or her personal best. Our teachers are passionate and engaging educators who want to see each of our students succeed.


Our Mission

Barnstable Academy is a college prep school that provides academic excellence in a warm and supportive environment designed to help students thrive.


Our History

Throughout our history, Barnstable has remained true to its founders’ objectives. For over 40 years, we have filled our school with people who care and with staff who take the time to understand each student’s unique ways of learning and who enhance their ability to grow and develop.


Where We Are Today

Today, Barnstable Academy is a private high school and middle school on a small, quiet campus in Oakland, New Jersey. Our college prep school focuses on preparing our students for college and life beyond.

Our school remains small by design so that we can continue to provide a personalized education to every student in a warm and supportive environment. With an average class size of 8-12 students, teachers provide individual attention to each student and address unique strengths and challenges. Each class includes auditory, visual, and exploratory teaching methods to meet the demands of a variety of learners.

Barnstable Academy provides an ideal environment for bright students to thrive in a small school setting.

Barnstable Academy offers a myriad of support services for students with mild learning differences such as mild dyslexia. Barnstable Academy also offers executive function skills support built into larger school-wide projects. Specific workshops for additional guidance and skill building are offered during the school day. Executive functioning skills at Barnstable Academy can focus on prioritization, planning, organizational, study and time management skills.


Barnstable Experience

“The teachers, administration, and students are all wonderful. The school goes out of its way to make sure everyone is cared for and welcome. Barnstable really is like no other school in the best of ways.”

Parker Mueller
11th Grader


Barnstable Experience

“I love the friends I made at Barnstable. Everyone is so nice!”

Avery Territo
8th Grader


Barnstable Experience

“When I first came to Barnstable, I found a place where everyone was invested in my success and I now love my academic and social life. School has once again become a place where I am excited to learn and where I take pride in my school work.”

Nicholas King
11th Grader


Barnstable Experience

“I’m so thankful to have finally found Barnstable, a school where my teachers care
about me and I’m never forgotten about. The community is amazing and everyone cares for each other.”

Fiona Roitman
12th Grader

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