Academic Excellence at Barnstable

As a leading private school in New Jersey, Barnstable offers a college prep program and academic excellence set in a warm, supportive environment.

Students who struggle in a traditional model or at a large public school, thrive at Barnstable Academy. Students who have mild learning differences find the solutions they need at Barnstable to be successful academically and personally.

Our Philosophy

We believe that fostering a young person’s self-esteem furthers his or her potential for academic success. Instead of asking students to conform, we celebrate each one as an individual. And year after year, our college prep school sends a high percentage of graduates on to higher education. Learn more about the Barnstable Promise.

Small Class Sizes

With an average class size of 8-12 students, each middle school and high school student receives personal attention from our teachers, and can learn according to his or her most effective learning style.

A Cycle of Progress

Students feel secure at Barnstable because of our warm, supportive environment. Students can be themselves and gain a well-rounded experience. When they feel safe and secure, they learn better. This leads to better results, which in turn helps students feel more content and connected—which leads to further success. Learn more about our student's success in our 2022 Impact Report.

College Prep School

Nearly 90 percent of Barnstable graduates go on to four-year colleges and universities, and another five percent attend two-year programs. Barnstable students continually test above the national average on standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT. Our college prep school ensures that students are prepared for the future.

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