Support for Students with ADD & ADHD

Barnstable Academy supports students with ADD and ADHD by capitalizing on our small class sizes, relational components of our program as well as a focus on executive functioning. Our teachers gauge student interest and use individual interests to engage our students and redirect as needed.

In middle school, our students use a comprehensive color-coded academic system for all academic classes to help ingrain key organizational and management skills and attend a weekly executive functioning workshop. In high school, we offer executive functioning workshops to our students to bolster key skills, such as organization, prioritization, planning, and time management to name a few. Additionally, students who struggle with their executive functioning skills often take an EDGE class where they can spend time 1:1 working on implementing key executive functioning skills into their assignments and homework.

Find out how Barnstable Academy can help your child with ADD/ADHD find academic, social, and personal success!