Summer School at Barnstable Academy

June 26th - July 28th

Barnstable Academy’s summer school program is a great way for students to remediate a course or get set up for future success. Our teaching environment offers a more personal summer school experience for students to enhance specific skills, retake a class, explore an area of interest, get ahead in a certain subject before fall semester, or add another course to a college application.

A Personalized Experience

The majority of our summer school options are taught in a customized one-to-one environment through our EDGE program, with a few small group class options as well. This personalized, one teacher and one student classroom experience gives students the freedom to learn at their pace, allowing for an accelerated, positive, and impactful summer school experience.

Why choose Barnstable this summer?

  • Get a whole year's course done in just five weeks
  • Explore a new area of interest
  • Take an elective course not offered at your school
  • Get your physical education requirement out of the way
  • Remediate a failed course
  • Combat summer learning loss in a fun environment
  • Prepare for college with AP courses or an Endorsement
  • Create your own album in our state-of-the-art recording studio

Summer Academic Courses

Our summer school program is a great way for students to catch up or get ahead in a tough subject before fall semester. Every EDGE class is one-to-one and personalized for each student. Set your child up for success while they earn credit with any of our one-to-one academic offerings.

Summer Electives

If your child got burnt out or lost their love of learning this past year, fun elective courses are a great way to get them re-engaged while pursuing something they enjoy! Students earn credit for any of our summer electives.

Summer Small Group Offerings

Our small group courses offer students enjoyable, interesting topics that give them something to look forward to this summer. These courses only require a 1-hour commitment each day.

Barnstable Summer School Pricing

Small Group Offerings

One course one hour per day, five days per week, for five weeks: $990

  • Art
  • Psychology
  • Stem
  • Vex Robotics
  • Zoology and Dissection

*Note: Group classes are subject to cancellation based on enrollment minimums.

Barnstable EDGE (one-to-one)

  • Full-year/two-semester course for credit (50 sessions) $6,900
  • One semester class for credit (25 sessions) $3,500
  • Academic support or enrichment — not for credit (25 sessions) $2,900

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