Why Choose Barnstable Academy?

Barnstable Academy's college prep education for students in grades 6 through 12 provides an opportunity to capitalize on individual strengths, to explore areas of interest, and prepare for future success. Barnstable Academy's culture encourages students to build strong relationships with peers, talented educators and staff. This combination of engaging academic excellence and positive environment fosters student growth.


Academic Excellence

Barnstable Academy takes pride in our academic excellence. We focus on our students’ growth and continuously raising the bar for what each student can achieve. We have a diverse offering of Advanced Placement (AP), honors and college preparatory classes as well as many enrichment classes designed to expand learning opportunities.

Many of our students choose to pursue endorsements to show colleges how serious they are about a particular area of interest.

We are proud of our high AP Scores, college acceptances and substantial amounts awarded in college scholarships annually.


A Full School Experience

In addition to a strong academic program, Barnstable Academy offers varsity sports teams, clubs, performing arts, fine arts, school dances, and many other social opportunities. Students enjoy utilizing our state of the art recording studio, going bowling, and partaking in War Strategies.

Our school has developed a strong culture of kindness and acceptance in which friendships defy boundaries of grade, gender, race, and interests.

Additionally, each year our students commit in the 'Upstander Pledge' to tangibly treat others with respect and kindness.


Small Class Size and
Personalized Approach

Our average class size is just 8-12 students. This low teacher-to-student ratio allows our skilled teachers to provide a high level of dedicated attention and support. Teachers use a combination of auditory, visual, and exploratory teaching methods to ensure that the needs of all learners are met.

We utilize many different methods for our students and staff to develop positive constructive connections such as greeting students at the door and sharing 'good news' at the beginning of classes. The relational component of our program allows for the opportunity to connect with each student and help them learn at their best. We find that when our students feel cared for they are more engaged in their learning.


Supplemental, Specialized Services

Many students who have average to above-average cognitive abilities can still find school challenging due to learning differences or social/emotional struggles. We build valuable life and study skills into the curriculum, giving students the tools to develop and thrive.

We are proud to offer a variety of programs for students who need extra support.

Our Accent Reading Program is designed to help students who struggle with reading find success in college prep courses.

Barnstable's Edge program* offers students the ability to take classes for credit, remediation or enrichment in a 1:1 class while remaining social with their peers through the duration of the school day.

Students who benefit from additional homework support can join our Bengal Den* during the school day or after school.

Barnstable also offers a variety of academic workshops and college counseling.

*Barnstable Edge & Den have an additional cost.

Focused Learning with The Student In Mind

We have found that students learn best when the day is well-structured. Our students' daily schedules are organized with their learning in mind, so that core academic classes are grouped in the morning--when students are most focused--and clubs, sports, and enrichment classes take place in the afternoon. Students also receive breaks throughout the school day to socialize and play in our game room. This provides the chance to form new friendships and release pent-up energy so that they can properly focus back in the classroom.

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A College Prep Curriculum

Barnstable offers a college prep education with ample instruction in English, Math, Science, History, World Languages, and Computer Application, as well as electives such as Physical Education, Health, Performing and Fine Arts, School Newspaper, Yearbook, and more. All of our classes utilize technology to promote collaboration and meaningful interaction between students and teachers.

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