An Open Dialogue Between Home and School: Parents Welcome!

The most effective and meaningful education integrates the efforts and insights of parents, teachers, and students. Though they may be less visible than teachers and students, parents are essential to the life of the school. We have always viewed parents as partners in the role of educating their children.


Regular communication through formal evaluations, conferences, letters from the staff, and the Barnstable Bulletin maintain a continual link between the student’s home and school life. This also ensures that our personalized learning approach is maintained throughout the school year.

Parent Ambassador Group

Our Parent Ambassador Group is a hugely valuable resource which provides an important liaison between the school and our parent community. Through the Ambassadors, parents can connect with one another, organize parent workshops or support groups, and plan social and fundraising activities. It’s one more way parents are able to share experiences and insights with one another and become more involved in the life of the school.

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Parent Ambassador Group.