Careers at Barnstable Academy

The Barnstable staff community is made up of educated, positive, and passionate individuals who genuinely care about their students and one another. On this page, you view open positions and learn more about what it's like to work at one of the best private schools in New Jersey.

Our Culture

At Barnstable, we strive to create classes that engage and expand the thinking and skills of each student. Our teachers work together for the betterment of our students, and we encourage cross-curricular collaboration between our individual classes and departments. We are warm, fun, and respect and support each other.

Barnstable Teacher Experience

“I love working at Barnstable because I get to connect and have an impact on students in a small classroom setting. Students who struggled in big public school classes find success in our school because of the nurturing but challenging academic program. I’ve personally seen many students successfully overcome various past challenges and go on to accomplish goals they never thought were possible before attending Barnstable. I also love the fact that student-athletes are able to compete on varsity athletic teams and experience teambuilding lessons that may not have been available to them in the public school arena.  ”

Dan Kuhar
History Teacher

Barnstable Teacher Experience

“Barnstable Academy is, quite simply, the best place I have ever worked.  This school is acutely dedicated to the education of its students and both the staff and the families work together to ensure the success of each child.  It is a rare opportunity to individually assist the students of a class based on each learning style.  Barnstable Academy offers me the autonomy to teach what I love and supports me as an educator.  Also, I was allowed to turn my classroom into what has become known as 'The Harry Potter Room.' 

Laurelle Bennett
English Teacher

Barnstable Teacher Experience

“I love working at Barnstable Academy because the staff are really supportive of one another, and are keen to try new things, such as the new period 4 and electives. Personally, teaching to smaller groups is perfect for foreign language acquisition. The students can work both collaboratively and independently, whilst overcoming challenges along the way. The world cultures piece is also really important at Barnstable, and being able to offer the students some exposure to foreign cultures is always exciting. I love working with their reactions and opinions on a wide range of topics that we cover.”

Adrian Ford
Spanish Teacher

Barnstable Teacher Experience

“I LOVE teaching ART at Barnstable! We have professional supplies to make ART in many different Media while exploring the lives of ancient as well as contemporary Masters! We often get messy in our beautiful studio with nearly floor to ceiling windows and paintable views. We are surrounded by woods, and a pond facing the Ramapo Mountains. Inspired by the weather and changing seasons, we relax to different kinds of music while we paint, draw, sculpt and explore!”

Kat Rutler
Art Teacher

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  • History / English Teacher (NJ , Oakland, Barnstable Academy)

    Posted: 15 May 2024

  • ASL Teacher (NJ , Oakland, Barnstable Academy)

    Posted: 26 Apr 2024