Athletics Program

Barnstable Athletics Program

Promoting health, fitness, sportsmanship, and lifelong skills

Athletics Program

Barnstable Academy’s Athletics Program offers sports training in basketball, soccer, skiing, tennis, baseball, softball, and cheerleading as well as physical education in aerobic training, bowling, martial arts, golf, hiking, and more as a two-day afternoon elective.


  • We strive to make each student’s participation in sports a safe, positive, healthy, and enjoyable one.
  • We aspire to help students achieve and maintain high levels of athletic performance while developing strong moral character in the process.
  • We provide opportunities for student athletes to grow as individuals.

Physical Education and Health—
Afternoon Elective

At Barnstable, we take a different kind of approach to physical education. Each trimester, students select a Physical Education-related activity that meets their needs and interests. Most of the electives can turn into lifelong pursuits. Electives meet for double time periods in the afternoon, twice per week.

Physical Education electives offered include:
Nautilus and Aerobic Training, Bowling, Martial Arts, Golf, Roller Skating, Tennis, Volleyball, Recreation, Soccer, Basketball, Hiking, Flag Football

Sports Offerings

Barnstable Academy is a member of the Tri-State Independent School League, which gives students valuable experience in team play. League competition includes soccer, basketball, skiing, tennis, and baseball. Annual MVP awards are given in all of the team sports, and one student is chosen each year for the Barnstable Hall of Fame.

Varsity Soccer

Varsity Basketball, Cheerleading, Ski Club

Varsity Baseball, Varsity Softball

Barnstable students are also encouraged to participate in individual sports, which they can pursue the rest of their lives.

Barnstable Basketball Court

Barnstable court logo

Interscholastic Athletics

While there are many opportunities to participate in sports within the afternoon elective program, the interscholastic athletic program gives students a chance to compete at a higher level.

Beginning in 8th grade, Barnstable students compete in soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, and cheerleading. Under the guidance of our knowledgeable coaching staff, team practices are conducted during the afternoon elective program, four days per week.

Games are typically scheduled after school, at 4pm.

Our annual Sports Awards dinner and banquet completes the athletic year. Student athletes are recognized for their accomplishments both on and off the field.

Over the years, Barnstable Academy has won league championships in several sports. We also have a proud tradition of graduates who have gone on to compete at the collegiate level.

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