Typical Day

Typical Day at Barnstable

See what it’s like: A day in the life of a Barnstable student

People do their best work when they are fresh and alert. For this reason, we allow students to schedule their five major academic courses before lunch, while elective courses make up the afternoon sessions.
We also create fun, relaxing break times that help our students recharge and learn at their best.

Morning Schedule

Students begin the day with academics, and all five major academic courses are held before lunch.
We recognize that students have different styles of learning, and so tailor our academic lessons to our students’ needs.

At mid-morning, there’s a 20-minute break during which Café B and the game room are open for snacks and fun. By combining the unproductive minutes that most schools place between classes, we have created a relaxing and meaningful social experience for students. This also offers a chance for students to gear up for the rest of the morning.


After morning classes, students gather in Café B for lunch. Hot meals, sandwiches, salads, and beverages are always available. Students may also bring food from home if they prefer. During lunch, students may also have activities in the student lounge or computer lab.

Afternoon Schedule

For the rest of the day, students participate in elective courses. These include classes in performing arts, athletics, physical education, fine arts, and photography.


Class schedules remain consistent from day to day. This allows students to focus their energies on what is going on in class, rather than where they are supposed to be at any given moment. It also helps to build a sense of organization and calm.

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