About Barnstable Academy

Barnstable Academy is a college prep school serving children from Grade 6 to Grade 12. We pride ourselves on our warm and supportive environment where students are seen as individuals with different learning approaches. We specialize in working with students who will benefit from a relationship-based teaching approach in a small classroom setting that provides social and emotional support to bolster and enhance our academic success. At Barnstable Academy, we understand how important it is to create space for students to cultivate their own interests, develop their character, and make long-lasting friendships, all while supporting their academic pursuits. We provide a learning experience to help students engage in, discover, and cultivate the skills they need for intellectual growth.


Who We Are

Barnstable Academy is a private college prep school that focuses on providing students with a warm and supportive environment that enables students to perform at their absolute best. We prepare our students through various courses and modalities that will help them with the skills they need outside for long-term success. With our innovative variety of elective classes, your students can explore a myriad of interests.


Why Choose Barnstable

At Barnstable, we put the passion and education of our students first. With small class sizes, relationship-based learning, and supplemental services, we can provide your student with an experience that meets their individual learning needs. The small-by-design classes allow for a personalized learning experience for students to be creative, resilient, and curious.


Message from Head of School

We understand how important choosing the right educational path is to you and your student. We also understand how important it is to have a Head of School that sees your student is supported both in the classroom and in their everyday social moments. Hear from our Head of School, Mrs. Ashley Crowley, about the Barnstable approach to education to see if it is the right school for your family.


Our Team

A school is only as great as the educators that support it. Our teachers come with a variety of experiences that will help your students acquire the skills to be positive and productive citizens. Our teachers are just as passionate about creating a curriculum blended with foundational knowledge while cultivating mentorship by allowing students to explore and extend their abilities in a safe space. Meet the teachers who make Barnstable Academy a truly magnificent place to learn.


Parent Testimonials

Barnstable Academy is not just a school but is dedicated to building strong relationships with our community and parents. We understand it takes a strong support system to help your students become successful. Please see how impactful a Barnstable Academy education can be by delving into some of our parent testimonials.


Scholarship Foundation

Every year, students miss out on an opportunity for a quality education due to financial hardship. As a community here at Barnstable Academy, we work hard to ensure prospective students do not miss out on what we have to offer. Please consider being a part of the community to help students obtain an excellent education. See how you can help prospective Barnstable Academy students make their educational goals a reality.

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