Student Experience at Barnstable Academy

We believe that academic excellence can be achieved when supported by a fun and healthy life both inside and outside of the classroom. Here at Barnstable, we offer an environment that is caring, supportive and connection-focused so that your student can perform their very best while living a life filled with fun and excitement.

Student Life

We offer a number of opportunities for students to thrive outside of the classroom including clubs and performing arts activities, National Honor Society, and participation in our student-run newspaper!

Typical Day

What does a typical day as a Barnstable Academy student look like? You can learn all about the daily schedule of our students by clicking below.


We believe that to achieve at their absolute best, students need more than just fantastic academic instruction: they need a strong social environment where they can feel truly accepted.

School Shows

We give our students a number of opportunities to share their unique talents with our school and the community including our annual talent show, our spring musical, and performances at community events.


If your student is in need of transportation to and from Barnstable Academy, we may be able to assist you with our black car service. 


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