Academics at Barnstable Academy

We offer a broad range of academic options to provide your student with an environment that supports educational growth. From college prep classes, Honors and Advanced Placement options to a wide array of elective and enrichment courses, we meet our students where they are and work with them to support their post-secondary goals.


At Barnstable Academy, we offer a plethora of academic services to help your student succeed. Whether your student is just beginning their serious educational journey with middle school courses or is ready for college counseling, we can help them achieve at their absolute best.

Support Services

Our goal is to provide each and every one of our students with a learning environment that can help them truly thrive. To do that, we know we need to help all of our students address the individual challenges they face day-to-day. Click the respective link below to see how we can help your student overcome some of the common challenges we tend to see in our middle school and high schools students.

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