High School Enrichment Courses at Barnstable

These exploratory courses will give our students the chance to experience and engage in the learning of diverse and thought-provoking content classes above and beyond the core curriculum. The courses are designed to facilitate the investigation of a myriad of academic interests, as well as support the growth of well-rounded students. These classes will primarily include assignments and projects in class; the credit earned may also aid our students in their progress towards an endorsement of their choice.

Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Semester 1

Zoology is a field of biology that concentrates on the study of animals. It encompasses subjects such as embryonic development, evolution, ecological distribution, behavior, and classification. In this course students will be studying four branches of zoology: classification (groupings by animal), animal physiology, ethology (animal behavior), and comparative anatomy. This course will involve several dissections.

Significant Sports Figures and Their Impact on History and Society
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Semester 1

The course explores significant sports figures and events that have had a cultural or historical impact on society. Students will research and discuss the accomplishments and influence specific athletes had on their generation. Students will see athletes through a historical, political, and cultural perspective. Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson, Jesse Owens, Jim Thorpe, Louis Zamperini, and the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey team are just a few of the topics that students will investigate.

Art History
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Semester 1

Take a trip back in time to discover the world through the eyes of artists, an adventure in the Visual Arts. Find out what artists made and why. Were they simply reacting to the beauty around them? Were they merely recording time and place for all eternity? Were they reporting on social wrongs, defying governments, rebelling in some way? Let’s find the story behind the pictures and make our own Art along the way!

Knitting for a Cause
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 1 and/or Quarter 2

Students taking this course will learn knitting techniques, including using a knitting loom, to create hats and scarves to be donated to local hospitals, newborn units, and charities. Not only will they be helping others within the community, they will also be reaping the mental and physical health benefits of knitting.

Book Club/Literary Circle
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 1 and/or Quarter 2

This course focuses on fostering a students’ appreciation for literature. Each month, students will select a novel from a chosen genre to discuss with their peers in order to identify common themes, analyze character development, and study an author’s purpose. A selection of tea and pastries will be provided for Friday discussions to serve as a relaxing environment in which to enjoy literature.

Study of Car Maintenance
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 1 and/or Quarter 4

This course aims to provide a hands-on experience in car maintenance and how to efficiently run an automobile. The course will take a life skills approach and will offer opportunities to get under the hood of a car and do things such as change wheels, perform engine checks, change oil, and replace key parts. If you have a passion for cars, or would just like to learn more, then this course is for you. We will also be creating a hand guide, documenting our progress as we go.

Driver’s Permit Test Prep
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 1 and/or Quarter 4

Studying the New Jersey Driver Manual can help you prepare for the knowledge test that you must pass to obtain your NJ driver’s license. The DMV manual will also teach you how to operate a vehicle safely. Topics in the NJ DMV handbook include: New Jersey traffic signs and signals, how to apply for a driver’s license, vehicle registration, and the graduated driver licensing (GDL) program in New Jersey.

Greek City States and The Roman Empire
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 2

This course will focus on the emergence of the Classical Age in southern Europe. It begins with the ascension of the Greek City states as new power in the Mediterranean and how power shifted from Athens to Sparta to Thebes to Macedonia. The decline of the Macedonians led to the rise of the Romans, who started as a monarchy, became a republic and ended as an Empire. Students will also learn of their rivals for power, the Persians, Celts, Carthaginians, Huns, Germans and Goths.

Video Production
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 2 and/or Quarter 3

Students will become familiar with the process of creating and editing video, from storyboarding to final edits. While editing and creating videos the students will use software such as Adobe Premier and After Effects.

Foreign Film Studies
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 2

This class watches, analyses, debates and discusses cinematography outside of the English-speaking world. We will also compare and contrast foreign films with those from the traditional ‘Hollywood’ setting.

Public Speaking
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 2

In this class, students will study types of speeches (informative, persuasive, dramatic, and special occasion), read and listen to models of speeches, and prepare and present their own speeches to diverse audiences. Students will learn to choose speaking topics and adapt them for specific audiences, to research and support their ideas, and to benefit from listener feedback. They will also study how to incorporate well-designed visual and multimedia aids in presentations and how to maintain a credible presence in the digital world. Students will also learn about the ethics of public speaking and about techniques for managing communication anxiety.

Virtual Reality Exploration (Occulus)
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 2

Students will have the opportunity to utilize Barnstable Academy’s Occulus Go while exploring geography and the exciting virtual world. Students will be able to identify some of their specific areas of interest and program their individual device to engage and delve deeper into an academic area of choice.

Vietnam Era/1960s
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 3

The course explores the Vietnam Era including U.S. involvement and political ramifications of the Vietnam War. Students also explore Civil Rights, The Counter-Culture movement, and protest music of the era.

Cultural Studies
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 3

This course aims to explore regions and cultures of the world that are not covered in the core Foreign Language Culture lessons. We will look at places such as the Amazon rainforest in South America, sub-Saharan Africa, and daily life in East Asia, in countries like Japan and China. Looking at how other cultures live their lives gives us more of an international perspective and an in-depth understanding of our global neighbors. This course is a chance to enhance your interests in travel, politics, economics, geography, and much more.

Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 3

Let’s explore the development of our own cartoon characters and their stories, making them into graphic novels. We will keep a sketchbook for ideas and learn how to use different media and methods to make our characters come alive to tell our tales!

Intro. to Latin
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 3

This course introduces students to the language, culture, and history of the Roman Empire. Students will also explore the influence of Rome still prominent in our current language and culture. Other topics to be discussed will include word derivations, and common Latin phrases and their meanings.

Age of the Dinosaurs and Prehistory
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 3

This course will follow the ascension of the dinosaurs as the dominant creatures on the planet and the difference between the three periods of the Mesozoic Era (Triassic,
Jurassic and Cretaceous). The class will learn how the mammals began to fill in the gap left by the dinosaurs and how many of them were also gargantuan in size. In addition to animals, the class will also learn how the Earth itself has changed over the past few millions of years.

Introduction to American Sign Language
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 3

American Sign Language (ASL) is a complete, natural language that has the same linguistic properties as spoken languages, with grammar that differs from English. ASL is expressed by movements of the hands and face. In this class students will learn the basics of ASL.

Escape the Room
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 3

In this class students will create and design their own Escape Room. They will use puzzles, riddles, and hide clues to create an exciting adventure for their fellow classmates.

Creative Writing
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 3 and/or Quarter 4

This course is designed for students to apply and enhance their understanding of writing elements, ranging from basic to advanced.

Music Appreciation
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 4

Learn how music works, what the building blocks of all musical styles are and how they’re put together. Learn how to listen. Learn how to appreciate all different kinds of music. Learn how music is composed, recorded, and published. In other words, learn to love and understand music in a deeper more meaningful way and have fun doing it.

Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 4

This class will integrate science, technology, engineering, and math components into fun hands-on lessons and labs. This class is focused on improving the overall STEM skills of our students.

Healthy Mind and Body
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 4

This course introduces the students to various ways to develop and maintain a healthy mind and body. Students will learn how to think positively through meditation, yoga, music, art, etc. This course will also expose the students to healthy and nutritious recipes. Students will be preparing, cooking, and eating some delicious and healthy dishes.

Focus and Brain Training Strategies
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 4

Students will participate in problem solving and brain games to improve memory, attention, speed, flexibility, and focus. This class will help to challenge and improve the brain skills that matter the most while having fun!

The Graphic Novel and Book Making
Subject: Enrichment | Duration: Quarter 4

This class will focus on studying and creating graphic novels. Students will understand how a graphic novel differs from a traditional comic book. Students will also create their own graphic novels, including the technique of binding books.