Recording Studio

One of the most exciting courses offered at Barnstable is the Recording Studio. Equipped with professional equipment, a console room and soundproof live room — students are able to explore songwriting and production, studio engineering/performance, mixing and mastering.
The studio is equipped with a state-of-the-art PC loaded with a variety of music production suites including Avid Pro Tools and Reason. Professional instruments from Fender, Washburn, Roland and others are available 'in house'.
The studio is helmed by teachers with years of professional experience writing and producing music in a wide variety of styles. In addition, they are multi-instrumentalists so a student doesn't have to play an instrument in order to thrive in the studio. Regardless of previous experience, students are encouraged to 'push the boundaries' of their expression while being supported in a positive and knowledgeable environment.

A Variety of Creative Possibilities

Of the many types of projects that have come out of the studio, here a few to give you an idea of what's possible:

  • Original songs (rap, rock, alt-rock, contemporary jazz, pop, progressive, etc...)
  • Cover songs 
  • Demo Reels
  • Soundtracks and effects for dramatic productions
  • Commercial Music for video productions
  • Voice Over for documentaries
  • Radio Dramas
So if a student has some kind of musical idea, lyric, poem or 'master plan' for a musical project, the Recording Studio at Barnstable can bring it to life.